4 thoughts on “A Quick Case for a Two-Legged USLPRO Championship

  1. As a Brit, I am not sure I get the point of the Championship game especially after all teams have played each other home and away. To me the only purpose of these is to generate additional revenue for the top teams.

    I am not a Kickers fan, but clearly they are the Champions of the league.

    That being said, if your going to have playoffs and a championship final then you either have to play them over 2 legs or play them in a neutral location. I also agree that it makes sense to let the top seed have the home game as the 2nd leg.

    1. I dont get these euro – snobs complaing about american playoffs. After all they do get to have playoffs , too. Champions league and FAcup come to mind!

      1. Those aren’t playoffs, those are separate tournaments going on at the same time as the primary national leagues.

        Why is the poster a euro-snob? I’m not really a fan of the playoffs either and I’ve been here my whole life. In leagues with large tables with multiple conferences like the NFL it makes sense but in soccer the tradition dictates one table and its serviced the world well all this time.

        It’s obvious that playoffs are an American invention because the leagues wanted to keep drama (and finances) running until the end of their respective seasons. Most other countries use the relegation battle to keep the interest.

  2. Plain and simple, Charlotte haven’t earned it. Coming in 5th doesn’t give you a home match. I’m not sure drawing only an average 800 people a match in a city the size of Charlotte “deserves” a playoff match. Rochester, Pittsburgh, Charleston and Wilmington and even Richmond can stake that claim but not Charlotte.

    I think home and home matches leading up the singular title match is more appealing and a better solution. Potentially, you are looking at a terribly boring second leg if Team A gains an early, large advantage.

    Personally, I’ll be fulfilling #Mission15k in Orlando this weekend hoping for a big win.

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