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Reckless Rankings: USL PRO Week 9

It was an interesting week of results in USL PRO. Several teams that were near each other in the standings squared off against one another. Four teams were idle. Only one home team was able to claim a victory. Keep reading to find out what effect this had on the Reckless Rankings.

Remember, this is not an opinion poll. An algorithm is used to determine where each team will be racked and stacked. Certain factors are used to scale the points earned for wins and draws. Results on the road are weighed more heavily than those at home. Strength of schedule is taken into consideration. A lot of emphasis is placed upon the most recent result.

The previous week’s ranking, the position in the USL PRO table, and the strength of schedule are presented for  each team. These numbers are conveniently located just below the team’s rank and accumulated Reckless Rankings points.

Orlando_Logo_1001. Orlando City (49.04 points)

Prev Week: 1 | USL PRO Pos: 1 | SoS Ave: 1.405

Orlando City and Harrisburg battled to a draw on Friday while Dom Dwyer scored yet another two goals. On the very next night, they defeated the Rhinos 1-0 at Sahlen’s Stadium. The most disappointing news for Orlando recently has been that a second New York franchise has gained admittance into Major League Soccer.

Week Ahead: home against Wilmington on Saturday

Charleston_Logo_1002. Charleston Battery (45.81 points)

Prev Week: 5 | USL PRO Pos: 2 | SoS Ave: 1.478

The Battery rebounded from last week’s loss to Charlotte by heading to Houston and defeating a strong Dynamo reserves squad on Sunday morning. A Dane Kelly volley was all the offense Charleston required to down the Houston side.

Week Ahead: home against Rochester on Saturday

3. Harrisburg City Islanders (29.47 points)Harrisburg_Logo_100

Prev Week: 2 | USL PRO Pos: 3 | SoS Ave: 1.667

The 2-2 draw at home against Orlando should eliminate any doubt that the City Islanders can compete with any team in USL PRO. Harrisburg may be competing for the top spot in the table as the season draws to a close.

Week Ahead: at Richmond on Friday

Charlotte_Logo_1004. Charlotte Eagles (24.57 points)

Prev Week: 3 | USL PRO Pos: 7 | SoS Ave: 1.429

The undefeated Eagles haven’t participated in league competition since the last rankings were released. Next week’s west coast swing will be a test.

Week Ahead: at Phoenix on Thursday and at Los Angeles on Saturday

Richmond_Logo_1005. Richmond Kickers (24.57 points)

Prev Week: 4 | USL PRO Pos: 4 | SoS Ave: 1.365

Joseph Ngwenya tallied another goal for the Kickers, but a late equalizer by the Blues held up. Had Richmond been able to hold on to a victory, they would have maintained their number four ranking.

Week Ahead: at home against Harrisburg on Friday

TampaBay_Logo_1006. VSI Tampa Bay (23.18 points)

Prev Week: 6 | USL PRO Pos: 6 | SoS Ave: 1.267

VSI Tampa Bay has been enjoying a long break in scheduled league play. Perhaps that is the reason that they are slow to announce a replacement for Matt Weston as head coach.

Week Ahead: at home against Wilmington on Sunday

LosAngeles_Logo_1007. Los Angeles Blues (22.71 points)

Prev Week: 8 | USL PRO Pos: 5 | SoS Ave: 1.483

The Blues were probably hoping for more than a point from the recent two-game east coast trip, but I was impressed by the performance against Richmond on Friday night. Eleven different players have scored goals for Los Angeles this season.

Week Ahead: at home against Charlotte on Saturday

Dayton_Logo_1008. Dayton Dutch Lions (20.40 points)

Prev Week: 7 | USL PRO Pos: 8 | SoS Ave: 1.470

It looked as if the Dutch Lions were going to concede three points to the Riverhounds on Saturday night, but they fought back from a two-goal deficit to earn a point. Tjeerd Westdijk had an assist and scored his first USL PRO goal.

Week Ahead: at home against Antigua on Sunday

Wilmington_Logo_1009. Wilmington Hammerheads (18.50 points)

Prev Week: 12 | USL PRO Pos: 11 | SoS Ave: 1.385

Wilmington ended a five-game losing streak with a 2-1 triumph over the Blues on Saturday. It was enough to push them up three spots in the rankings. We’ll see how much the Hammerheads have turned things around on their visit to Florida this weekend.

This Week: at Orlando on Saturday and at Tampa Bay on Sunday

Pittsburgh_Logo_10010. Pittsburgh Riverhounds (15.21 points)

Prev Week: 9 | USL PRO Pos: 10| SoS Ave: 1.558

Just when it looked like Pittsburgh was about to turn the corner, they blew a 2-0 lead against Dayton on Saturday. On the bright side, Jose Angulo continues to score, Jhonny Arteaga finally notched a goal, and Matt Dallman has proven to be a real asset in midfield.

Week Ahead: at home against Antigua on Friday

Phoenix_Logo_10011. Phoenix FC Wolves (12.08 points)

Prev Week: 11 | USL PRO Pos: 9 | SoS Ave: 1.450

The Wolves didn’t have any league matches since the rankings were last released.

Week Ahead: at home against Charlotte on Thursday

Rochester_Logo_10012. Rochester Rhinos (8.14 points)

Prev Week: 10 | USL PRO Pos: 12| SoS Ave: 1.672

The 1-0 loss to Orlando City at home was the last game for Jesse Myers as the head coach of the Rhinos. Not everyone seems to be in agreement over his dismissal. I’ll reserve judgment until I see if Hall-of-Famer Pat Ercoli, who has assumed the helm, can lead this team up the standings.

Week Ahead: at Charleston on Saturday

Antigua_Logo_10012. Antigua Barracuda (0.00 points)

Prev Week: 13 | USL PRO Pos: 13| SoS Ave: 1.645

The Barracuda were idle this week.

Week Ahead: at Pittsburgh on Friday and at Dayton on Sunday

Chad Hollingsworth
Chad has supported USL since its incarnation as USL PRO in 2011. He is dedicated to the growth of soccer in the United States. In addition to writing and podcasting for Reckless Challenge, he started a supporters group for Dayton Dutch Lions FC and obtained a USSF coaching license to help local youth.

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