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USL PRO Outsider May 22 2013

By Josh Brokaw


Last weeks rumors are this weeks news.  Here is a snippet from last weeks USL PRO Outsider post:


“The team has only won 1 of their 7 games played and the heat is on for head coach Jesse Myers.  Rumors are that the Front Office isn’t happy with the results and are growing impatient with the coaching staff.  It’s amazing to think that this is the same coach that lead the Rhinos to 2nd place last season in the standings.  Pretty impressive, especially since it was his first year on the job.  So how much of a leash will the Rochester FO give him?  I see him lasting the whole season no matter what but I wouldn’t be surprise to see someone new next season if things don’t turn around for the Rhinos.”


Well I was wrong.  They didn’t give him the rest of the season, hell they didn’t even give him the rest of the week.  On Sunday the Rochester Rhinos front office announced that they had terminated Jesse Myers as Head Coach.  Pat Ercoli will be taking over as head coach for the rest of the season.


Maybe I’m not close enough to the situation to fully understand it but I feel like this is a pretty boneheaded move by the Rochester front office.  Here you have a guy who got you to the championships last season and yet you decide to sack him because of a rough start to this season?


Maybe I could understand it if the schedule thus far for the Rhinos wasn’t such an uphill battle.  The Rhinos started their season by hitting the road for 5 away games in a row.  Of those 5, the first 2 were back to back against Tampa Bay and then Orlando (The best team in the league), and then a week later they played Charlotte and Richmond back to back.  Both of these teams are undefeated by the way.  That’s 4 away games in 2 weeks!  After that tough start they played the Harrisburg City Islanders away and then again at home.  The Islanders are currently 3rd on the table with only 8 games played.  Maybe the Rhinos need a better schedule negotiator, not a new head coach!


The fact that Myers was able to pull anything out of that mess of an away stretch is impressive if you ask me.  I know that the fans are upset and that the FO would like to see more than 1 win out of the season so far but in the end you have to see the big picture.  Myers was dealt a crap tastic schedule and he had managed to squeeze 4 points out of 7 hard fought games.  It isn’t impressive, and it isn’t pretty, but it’s better than it could have been.

The guy drove the bus to the championship last season and now he is being thrown out in the middle of the season.  It just seems wrong to me.  Maybe I’m wrong though.  Maybe the Rochester front office is doing something that needs to be done.  Pat Ercoli isn’t a bad choice to lead things in the meantime though, that’s for sure.  This is the same guy who saw Rochester through some of it’s best years.  He’s been with the team since 1996 after all.  The question is if he still has what it takes to coach the pro team.


What do you think?  Did Jesse Myers deserve a better shot?  Let me know in the comments bellow or hit me up on Twitter @CharlieBlix.

2 thoughts on “USL PRO Outsider May 22 2013

  1. There are a lot of issues with this team that go beyond the coach. I’ll just touch on what I see as the main problem of losing games. The owner for either lack of funds or lack of desire to spend has a very small budget on player payroll. Two of the most talented and experienced USL players on the roster (Luzunaris and Tanke) have been lost early in the season to long-term injuries, and the team announced it had no intention to sign anyone else. At least half of the players in the starting XI have very little professional experience besides sitting on the bench somewhere else. Could the Rhinos do better than Myers as head coach, sure. Is Ercoli capable of doing any better than Myers? Sure, he has a good record coaching the Rhinos in the 1990s, but this is a different era in USL Pro. The level of play most USL Pro teams are displaying this season has taken a great leap forward. The Rhinos organization does not really seem to have grasped this reality. They are promoting a 1-0 win where they barely edged out an amateur team as some sign of progress.

  2. Only time will tell if this was the right move. The majority of fans sure liked the move from what I can tell. But I also think Rochester fans are a little spoiled. Not sure I buy into the schedule difficulty though. We all know it’s not easy and every team will have to go through it at some point. Granted the schedule was not easy but surely the second place team from last year can at least run with those teams right? The second place team should give up 17 goals… period! They lost 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1 and 1-0. It’s not that they lost it was the way they lost. If they looked like they were even in the game then Coach Myers would still be the coach. They were outclassed and out played in all facets of the game against the top teir. Not exactley becoming of the 2nd place team from a year ago. I do also get the impression that the Rhinos made Jesse a scape goat in a way. I can point to a very late pre season start and I can also point out that the Rhinos didn’t participate in sort of preseason cups like some other USL Pro teams did. Sure they made an affiliation to the Revs but so did the other top tier teams. If the Rhinos approached the pre Season better then maybe the team would have been better out of the gate. In the end if it was coach myers who set the pace to start the season then the teams results fall entirely on his shoulders but if it was the organization then yes I think they got it wrong.

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