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USL PRO Through The Turnstiles: Week 9



DateHome TeamAway TeamVenueCapacityAttendanceLast Game(+/-)
5/14Charlotte EaglesCharleston BatteryQueens University Stadium1000695623+72
5/17Harrisburg City IslandersOrlando CitySkyline Sports Complex22001896730+1166
5/17Richmond KickersLos Angeles BluesCity Stadium2200018361996-160
5/18Pittsburgh RiverhoundsDayton Dutch LionsHighmark Stadium35003344NANA
5/18Rochester RhinosOrlando CitySahlen's Stadium1376852795963- 684
5/18Wilmington HammerheadsLos Angeles BluesLegion Stadium600038212898+923
5/19Houston Dynamo ReservesCharleston BatteryBBVA Compass Stadium22039100NANA


This Weeks Total Attendance: 16,971

This Weeks Per Game Average: 2,424

Last Weeks Per Game Average: 1,440



The Good:


Only one team had a down tick in attendance (That we know of) this week.  Harrisburg saw their attendance more than double from their last home game and Wilmington is still bringing in the fans despite the team’s lackluster season.  Although they did win this week so things could be looking up for the team.


The Bad:


Rochester has been going through a lot this week (See This Weeks Outsider for my thoughts on that).  This might explain the dip in their attendance.  It’s hard to blame people for not showing up when your team has only won a single game this year.  Lastly we have the extremely poor attendance for the Dynamo Reserves game.  Only a 100 people showed up?  Wow… that’s LA Blues bad.


7 thoughts on “USL PRO Through The Turnstiles: Week 9

  1. Rochester has been inflating it’s attendance reports for many years by now. They announced 2,000 and change to the local media, but as usual the real attendance was half that. The “shocking decline” of the Rhinos is not so shocking at all, they have been declining slowly since 2007.

    1. I think every team has inflated their numbers. It’s a long standing tradition with every league in every market.

      Maybe now that Jesse Myers isn’t in the drivers seat for the Rhinos their attendance will go back up. I’m more worried about their standings in the table than the butts in the seats though to be honest.

      1. The Rhinos were pretty bad last year also, their 2nd place finish was kind of a fluke. I say that because I watched every game closely, and they played anti-football, depending on a lot of fast running to double mark the opposing players who has possession. Most of the goals were ugly and lucky and they would get the ball and always pass back with no creativity moving forward. So this year as the league has gotten better this style will not cut it anymore in USL Pro.

    2. Also, people don’t want to drive to Sahlen’s Stadium in the ghetto of Rochester for a game. You know you’re in a bad neighborhood when the parking lot fence requires barb wire fence.

  2. Basically, I’m not sure if you even looked hard for this attendance stat stuff or if you even tried.

    Pitt had attendance of 3.3k
    Rochester was 5.2k

    1. Thanks, I wrote this a couple of days ago. They must have posted them after I wrote this because the official stats sheet for these games didn’t have the attendance filled out 2 days ago. Apparently it takes some teams a full week to count their ticket stubs. I edited the table to reflect the changes.

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